Hairdressing to me is much more than just cutting or coloring hair, the ability to transform someone (whether it be their mood or self confidence) has always felt more like a gift than a job. I have been blessed with a fulfilling career in the hairdressing industry over the last 15 years which has taken me interstate and overseas, and allowed me to work alongside some extremely talented and esteemed stylists. Starting in a traditional salon environment, I then branched out into salon education as a colour technician before starting my own boutique home salon 6 years ago. My time in salon education allowed me not only to pass on my knowledge to fellow hairdressers, but also the opportunity to learn new and exciting trends and techniques before they hit Australian salons. This is something I am still passionate about and it enables me to offer the best techniques to my lovely clients. 

A holistic approach has always been my goal when servicing my clients, to me a great salon experience is about every step of the process: before, during and after. Trust is extremely important and something that I work on creating within my clientele by ensuring I always have a thorough understanding of a client's wishes and expectations. I offer a personalized service tailored completely to your needs that is a unique and comfortable experience at every appointment, something that is very different to what you have experienced previously. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and I look forward to seeing you in my chair soon and getting to know you too.